Welcome to Online Quran Classes for Kids Academy, a premier online platform for Qur’an, Arabic, and Islamic studies. Our team comprises native Arabic male and female experts from Egypt, boasting years of experience teaching non-Arabs worldwide. With 18 meticulously crafted courses and structured study plans, we empower students to learn effectively and achieve their goals.

Our platform addresses the common struggle of Muslims in finding proficient male or female teachers who can fluently communicate in English while being native Arabic speakers.

Meet our exceptional tutors, graduates from esteemed Islamic universities like Al-Azhar and Dar Al-Uloom. Our Quran and Tajweed tutors hold Ijazah, ensuring an authentic chain of recitation. English-fluent and certified in various aspects, they bring expertise to every session.

Arabic tutors, native speakers from Egypt, utilize innovative teaching tools to make learning a second language enjoyable. They employ effective techniques, adding fun and interesting activities to enhance fluency.

Our Islamic studies tutors, with degrees from Al-Azhar University, are well-versed in Hadith, Fiqh, and more. English-speaking and highly qualified, they impart a comprehensive understanding of Islam.

At Online Quran Classes for Kids Academy, we are committed to our goal of educating 10 million Muslims worldwide within 5 years. Our mission is to ensure correct Quranic recitation, fluency in Arabic, and a robust Islamic foundation, empowering individuals to spread the message of Islam globally. Join us on this transformative journey of knowledge and enlightenment.